Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tidy up time!

I don't have a sewing room, I have a space in a room which is a dining/guinea pig/DVD storage/game table/ music center/ sewing room.

Yeah there's not room to swing a cat! Disclaimer : cat swinging is not recommended.

Anyway this is what it looked like...

That's a pana something photograph, fancy huh? 

As you can see very very messy! 

But now it's nice and tidy! 

Vivien has her own spot!

I'm using the coffee table as a Frankie storage table! 

My new boxes from mr Knitwit! These contain patterns , buttons and beads! 

Do you like my thread ball? It used to have chocolates in.... Not sure where those went? 

My filing cabinet! This contains, knitting bits, ribbon, lace, felt, tissue paper, notebooks, odds and sods, zips, elastic , felt tips and crayons! 

My book stack! Surprisingly I use a lot of these for reference! 

And finally my vanity case which I found in the loft when I cleared it out! This now contains, scissors, unpickers, curves, sewing machine feet , tailors ham, pin cushion and other bits that I always need by my sewing machine! 

Do you have a dedicated sewing space? Or do you share? 

Much love



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  1. I have one of those balls that contained chocs and was wondering what purpose it could be put to!!!


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