Friday, 23 January 2015

Holiday knitting!

Today has been chaos! In fact this entire week has been chaos! 

We've been preparing for lil knitwits 3rd birthday and the holiday we've booked for it. 

Cakes have been made
Cases have been packed
Presents have been wrapped! 

It's all been a bit crazy! However in the midst if the crazyness I did manage to find myself some holiday knitting! 

Momma Knitwit picked these up in a charity shop for me, they are the pattern and items needed to make two panda mittens! the box had been opened and about three rows of knitting had been done but otherwise it was complete! Including a needles both for knitting the item and sewing it together.

£1.49 BARGIN! 

it says 7+ on the box which I'm hoping means I'll finish it! And not flounder! 

The only thing that worries me is that I have to make two! I've heard of second sock syndrome I wonder if you can get second mitten syndrome? 

Much love 



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