Friday, 30 January 2015

I'm pretty sure I could be a surgeon now....

Does anyone remember me saying how much I would love a copy of 'grays anatomy' a few weeks ago? 

Well as it goes one of mine and my mums lovely friends also happens to read this blog and had a copy! that's she wanted to get rid of! And therefore gave to me! PEOPLE ARE AWESOME!

EEEK! I love anatomy I kind of think that the human body is one of the most beautiful devices ever. 
And I'm in love with the illustrations!!!!!

please excuse my nails, they are what my mother would call skanky

I mean seriously could gross insidey stuff look prettier? maybe its the black and white! It makes me want to go and cut people up to see if that's what it really looks like!


but not in like a weird murdering sort of way....

more like an "oooh arnt your insides lovely" kind of way....

oh wait that's still creepy

maybe I'll just trust in grey and assume he's pretty accurate.

and then everyone stays intact!

Much Love

Frankie (the butcher)


  1. Oh, I LOVED this post! I need a copy of that book for my kids. They'd love to study it.

    You crack me up. Glad you own up to your butcher status.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you find me funny and not terrifying!!!


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