Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Today has been busy! 
Dropped lil Knitwit at nursery
Had a shower
Braved tesco in search of nappies!
Picked up lil Knitwit
Went to my old school to sign the condolences book for a sadly missed teacher
And then went to check in momma Knitwit! 

Momma Knitwit suffered a fall yesterday (she does this quite often!) so me and lil Knitwit popped round to provide some cheering up and humour! And doughnuts we also took doughnuts!

Anyway I between my busyness I managed to fit in some fitting! 

My Robert dress that I made AGES ago was in desperate need of some TLC! I actually couldn't wear it, like at all. I'm not sure if it's bad sewing (probably) lack of fitting skills (definitely) or the fact I seem to have lost a lil weight but now if needs work! 

Due to having a new dummy I just worked off her (we are basically the same size !) 

I'm sure I've not put the darts in the right places but at least ilm be able to wear it now ! And no I don't have any before photos! Too embarrassing! As you can see I'm also taking a good two inches off the hem! 

And I think I'm going to change my ribbon back closure for a button. More security! 

Hope this works! If not it'll be the unpickers for me! 

Much love 



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