Thursday, 8 January 2015

Mister postman

I hate receiving parcels! I'm a stay at home mum yet they always seem to come just when I've popped out! And yesterday when I was visiting momma I missed not one but two! Deliveries! Luckily the Hermes delivery person came back so I revived my new look goodies last night but I had to traipse to the post office this morning to get my hobbycraft parcel! And it's a massive pain in the bum bum because there are only two parking spaces! But I've got my parcel now so all is well! 

And here's what I got! (I had a gift card as a Christmas present) 

It's all pretty boring really! Ball point needles and standard needles. 

Bright pins! 

Some needles and thread! 

And two new zips! All pretty standard stuff but necessary all the same! 

And at least now the new megan I cut out last night will have a zip! 

Much love



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