Monday, 26 January 2015

Lil knitwit the big 3 year old!

This post comes to you from the past....
Yeah I wrote it yesterday and scheduled it to post today (your yesterday not mine!)

this post was supposed to go out on the 24th January my lil boys birthday but due to a temperamental internet signal it failed to post!

My beautiful baby boy turns three today! He's very excited about the presents and more specifically his BIFDAY CAKE !!! 

Here he is when he was first born! 

My tiny lil 5lb3oz ball of warmth! He was immediately taken to the bro natal ward because of his low temperature and then stated due to his difficulty feeding, (hence the tube!) but he pulled through and is now a lively and lovely lil boy! And a lot of that us due to the support of the neonatal nurses at Leighton hospital, in particular a lady called Anne? Who bundled him up and switched off his hot cot in the hopes that he would hold his own temperature! She took a risk and it payed off for us! We got to take him home a whole month before scheduled! 

This is me in the first days of being a mum! Not too tired becuase I wasn't doing the night feeds, but in heaps if pain and worried about my ickle baby! (And yes he is wrapped in my cardigan to help him stay warm!)

But anyway back to his BIFDAY CAKE! which is going to have CANGLES! For him to BWOW out! 

I didn't have much time so I opted for a toy story one from disney sweets and treats and added a 3! 

Complete with woodsy sheriff badge! 

And his face! 

This was actually the quicker I've completed a cake from these magazines but I'm pleased with the result, I think it's because it's a simpler cake! I've also created a new resolution to bake once a week whilst lil Knitwit is at nursery hopefully this will satisfy my sweet tooth and justify my subscription to disney sweets and treats!! 

Much love 



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