Friday, 2 January 2015

A Tribute

Today I received some bad news. I did have another post ready but this seemed more important. 

When I was eighteen and studying for my a level textiles I was the only student in the class and I had two teachers, miss Jenkins who was sweet and free and kind. 

And Mrs Leigh, who has recently passed away. 

She was a wonderful teacher and a fantastic person , she taught me how to care about my work and inspired me to be better. 

When you were taught by Mrs Leigh you worked hard, she pushed for excellence. Find your best and beat it.

She was also funny and kind, she made me cups of tea when I had to write my essay (I hated writing then). 

She showed me how to make a collar and how to do French seams. And she taught me that it was okay to like this stuff. That it's okay to knit and sew, to think embroideries cool and to want to spend hours designing the perfect gown. That it was okay to be me, to just be creative and to skip the intellectual stuff. 

She was pretty dammed cool, even if she did terrify me at first. 

I think that the people of this world are moulded by the people that taught them, the ones who imparted knowledge and who gave inspiration. To Mrs Leigh I was probably just that strange girl she taught, that she had to deal with one on one (I'm presuming I was fairly trying some days) but to me she was one of the people that shaped who I am, and who put me on the path to my future. I would have liked her to know that I'm still doing this stuff, and that I always think of her when I clip my corners, fabric wise of course, you did not cut corners with Mrs Leigh, you aimed for perfection.   

I hope that her family can find comfort in her memory just like I do.



  1. A lovely tribute, I think we live on in the treasured memories we leave behind. I am sure Mrs Leigh would love that she inspired you.

    1. She was a wonderful teacher and a great woman x


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