Tuesday, 30 December 2014

VW split screen barn door!

This was one of my commissions over Christmas! 

It was ordered by my mum and comes from a private family joke.
Which obviously I'm now going to share with the entire internet! 

Once upon a time myself and momma and poppa Knitwit were traveling in France. We happened to go to the beach for the day and soon realised that French women in particular quite like wandering around with tops on, or coats, or bras. 

Anyway boobs were swinging merrily in the breeze (not mine or mommas, but other ones) when suddenly my mum noticed my dad's gaze being pulled in one particular direction. She allowed it to continue for a moment (only human after all) then decided it was being drawn too much and threatened to chop his winky off (I actually can't remember what she said so that's fiction but she wasn't happy) 

Anyway bless him my lovely daddy turned round and replied , "what? That's a vw split screen barn door? They are really rare? Of course I'm not looking at her!" And then he finished the whole charde off by tutting and saying " looking at her? She's got nah tits!" 

And since then the sighting of a split screen barn door VW campervan has become quite a big thing in our family! Hence me making this doorstop! 

There's not really much more I can say about this after that cracking tale, it's got a personalised number plate and a "no tits" sign in the window! I sewed the entire thing by hand and had to use a bread knife to cut the foam.

I had great fun making it and I can't wait to start another! 

Much love

And sorry if this was too much information!



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  1. This is awesome and you have stitched it pretty neatly. The story behind its creation is interesting. You could have used the sewing machine for stitching the sides for quick work.


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