Monday, 5 January 2015

Tinker bell stocking

I think this is the last if my Christmas makes, but saying that I'll probably find another one right after I've posted! 

This was made for a very special and lovely customer as a custom order. 

It's a tinkerbell Christmas stocking! (Like the post title didn't give it away! 

I used chain stitch to hand embroider the name. And added bells because well it's Christmas and Christmas is a time for bells! 

I stitched on some of my Christmas ribbon for a loop. Incidentally does anyone hang theirs from their fireplace? We pin ours up the wall? 

The tinkerbell was machine appliqué using felt, some of those tiny peices were not fun to work with! Especially when my sewing bulb went! 

More bells on the toe!

The body was worked in red cotton and I free handed the shape, and it's fully lined! 

I actually had a blast making it! Mainly I think becuase I haven't done appliqué in years! And it's basically a big jigsaw puzzle! 

Much love 



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