Monday, 26 January 2015

Post Holiday Report!

I'm back from our family holiday! and we had a wonderful time! And I coped for 4 days without a hairbrush! Yes only I could be completely dim and forget to pack a hairbrush! And to be honest my hair survived surprisingly well considering the amount of swimming we did! I guess the cave girl look suits me!

But it is confession time! you know that wonderful John Lewis knitting kit I packed for the holiday? well I didn't actually do it! Instead I practised my crochet!

sadly I dint have pictures of all my efforts as most of them got ripped back! but I do have a pictures of two that were vaguely successful!

these little circles make me far two happy! this is the first time I've ever done any crochet that actually looks like it might be crochet!

hehe hopefully I'm on my way to being able to follow a pattern and then maybe make some pretty things!

another thing worth mentioning is that before the holiday I was a lovely mummy and picked us each up a magazine! (mainly because I wanted a magazine) Mr Knitwit got top gear, lil Knitwit got mister maker! and I got the February issue of Sew magazine! which includes this free pattern! Simplicity 1699

I cant wait to have a go at making the jacket! I think it could have a really great channel vibe if I used the right fabric! and I'm going to try and make the trousers and be brave! And the dress is pretty cute too! in fact the only thing I don't think ill give a go is the peplum top? I'm just not a huge fan of peplums to be honest, although I do have one great peplum top in a knit fabric (RTW).

Anyway I have orders to do and a humongous pile of holiday washing!

Much Love



  1. good luck on that sewing project. I only make clothes once in a while...and usually have "issues" when I DO. ;)

  2. I made trousers last summer, I'd never made them before so I chose a fairly loose style, but they turned out amazingly well! I made 3 more pairs :) You'll get the hang of it - make a muslin first!!


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