Wednesday, 13 April 2016

What do I read?

I love reading posts where bloggers talk about their favourite bloggers! Nothing quite like sharing the love huh!?

So here's my list of blogs I always read:


One of the first sewing blogs I ever read I love her vintage style and her chirpy outlook on life! She's not afraid of prints colour and CHERRIES!!! 
Plus she's really lovely I sent her an out of the blue email last year about finding suitable coat fabric and she came back with a great list of suggestions! 

I love how her blog has transitioned from her rockabilly style to sharing great children's makes! It actually makes me want to start sewing things for my lil boy! 
She's currently expecting baby number two so there's more cuteness to come!!!

Simply put she's a beautiful writer, Its like sewing word porn! Plus she makes some really lovely wearable clothes!

Fantastic style and one of the organisers of the vintage pattern pledge, she makes great clothes and uses a variety of prints and lush fabrics! This jumper is one of my favourites! 

One of the only bloggers I follow who goes into LOTS of construction detail! Its almost like taking a sewing class from your front room in your jammies!

Really great simple style, I would love to look as effortless as she does!

Jeanette is a mum of six and still manages to produce beautiful looking quirky clothes! I love her outlook on life and the way her blog covers all of her passions! I also love her daughters blog!

Made her wedding dress, enough said, mike drop

No but in all seriousness she transforms charity shop clothes into wearable items using what i can only assume is a mixture of sewing and witchcraft.

Lifestyle and Fashion:

She's my cousin but that not why I love her blog, Ever since I was little and receiving her hand me downs I have always loved her style. She also does a nice mixture of fashion, accessories, make-up and baking.

This is another cheat really as we were in college together, but belles blogs is exactly the same as she is in person very cool, calm and grown up. I also have huge envy over her home decor!


Fantastic BRIGHT quilts, I love that she has no fear of colour and that she has some many WIP!

Do you have any blogs that you love?

Or do you write a blog?

Leave me a link!

Much Love




  1. Hi Frankie, Carol here from What a great idea for a blog post, I might add it to me list of posts to do some time soon ����

    PS .. You've just started following me on Bloglovin'. Thank you, you're my first official follower, though hopefully not my first reader. LOL ��

    1. How lovely!! In very please to be your first official follower!!! Thank you for reading I'd definately love to see you list!

  2. What a great list. I've read some of them already but there's a couple in there I haven't come across so I'll be going to have a nose! I'm over at

    I'd recommend Not only does she write really simply with step by step guides and lots of free patterns, but Nina is fantastic. We got chatting several months ago and have been great friends ever since. :-D

    1. I'm adding both of those to my blog reader now! I love finding new things to read x


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