Friday, 8 April 2016

#Sewcialist Sweater Refashion

I'm not sure if you can actually call this a refashion, Its more of a garment spruce up!

It all started out with this simple sweatshirt, we had popped over to Rikki's Nan and Grandads for a visit and so his Aunty Di could do my hair and as it goes Grandad was getting rid of two of these jumpers one in black and one in blue. Nan offered them to Rikki who said no because he doesn't really wear jumpers to be honest and she was like "okay I'll charity shop them then" 

AHEM! [waves furiously for attention] I'll take them off your hands! Mainly I just liked the idea of having another jumper to lounge around in but after sometime I though it might make a cool refashion project!

So I cut out a piece of jersey the width of the chest, and chose myself a hashtag , My inspiration for this came from love sewing magazine who made these cute bags one issue. I wrote the hashtag out in chalk and found myself a paint brush.

I didn't have any fabric paints so I used model paint that we brought when Rikki went through his modelling phase [not blue steel modelling, making little cars modelling]. I'm guessing that it wont wash out because it never washed out of his jeans?

I painted the whole word trying to keep it even.

Pinned it too the front of my sweater, popped on a walking foot and lightening stitched it on!

Do I look cool? I was going for a trendy, like a, I live in topshop and drink starbucks kinda vibe.

I was wearing it with short shorts but then I took some pictures and realised that having so much chocolate in the house over Easter has not been my friend! So I switched to jeans!

I feel comfy which I think matters more than feeling trendy.

I think if I were to do it again I would make the slogan smaller so it goes less into my armpits! Saying that sewcialist is a pretty big word so maybe it has to be this way!

All in all I'd say its not a bad little spruce up in my humble opinion and I think it looks pretty cool! Although I do wonder if its a bit too cool for a mother who likes to be in bed at half nine and has an addiction to tea! It also kind of reminds me of the 90s which might be my favourite decade, I could definitely see my sister wearing this at like 16.

In other news you may have noticed my hair is back to being blonde! After growing all of the god awful red colour out, my hair still seemed dark so Rikkis Aunty Di was kind enough to put highlights in for me.

I say kind enough... she tortured me for god knows how long! Have you ever heard of a highlighting method called "using a cap"? Nope? Me neither. Well as it goes "using a cap" is where a condom like thing is put on your head and then small sections of hair are pulled through small holes individually with a thing that looks like a crochet hook. Then colour is applied leaving you with a beautiful head of even natural looking highlights!

Hurts like a MOTHER! Omg I had tears streaming down my face I'm not sure if I was laughing or crying but sweet Jesus, there are literally no words to describe it. That or I'm just a massive wuss! Which wouldn't surprise me! Although my tattoo did hurt less.....just saying!

Anyway afterwards [and after a quick trim] it was worth it because my hairs cute again! and I'm blonde! And according to Grandad my new hair made me extra SASSY! But I think he's just upset because me and Rikki won at cards!

Anyway if you want to see my new hair pop over to my instagram where I've been posting far too many selfies recently!

Much Love




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