Sunday, 24 April 2016

Spotty Bibs

I love that I now have an bunch of easy baby patterns that I can whip out when I need to create a couple of gifts! I used this self drafted pattern that can be found here.

I cut them out last night whilst cooking dinner and it couldn't have taken me longer than an hour to sew them up. And my machine was throwing a fit! I used scraps and offcuts that I had lying around so its a stash busting project as well!

I opted to put both sets of spots at the front and use other prints for the back. I was going to do press studs as the closure but I couldn't find any so I opted for buttons and loops.

I am lusting after one of these though! I think it would save me loads of time. 

The two spotty fabrics and the weird micro organism looking one are from my stash and I have no idea where they are from but the owls are from the Craft cotton company .

I had them for my birthday and they just seem to be never ending! I still have one fat quarter left and they have been used in baby blankets, cushions and loads of other bits!

It was actually quite nice to whip something up fairly quickly usually I make dresses and stay up far too late trying to finish them. So it was refreshing to be in bed at a reasonable hour. Although saying that I woke up feeling AWFUL this morning after a bad nights sleep, which is why I'm not showing you the other thing I made last night because this face is not ready for pictures! I'm also wicked bloated and that doesn't help! I refuse to leave the house today in case someone thinks I'm having a baby. [Its happened before and is the reason no longer eat curry! "awww when are you due?" I'm not but thank you for pointing out what spicy food does to my body I hope an anvil falls on your head]

So yeah that's it really I've added to my next baby gift set , I think I'll just finish it off with a taggy blanket and be done. And I've spent most of today lying on the sofa doing some hand stitching trying not to feel sorry for myself.

Much Love



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