Friday, 15 April 2016

Refashion from Two Me Mades!

Sometimes when you make your own clothes you have misses, where you've brought the fabric and done everything right but it just doesn't work. which is what happened with these two items.

This skirt which I made here, and this megan dress that I made here 

So I hacked them up and spliced then together! I used the megan bodice with the sleeves and skirt removed.

Then I added in a lace waistband because I love the effect on this dress.

Then I used the skirt which was originally pleated gave it a good iron and made it gathered. And then popped it on the bottom! I didn't even have to re hem it!

Its not a great fit but its a lot more wearable than it was before, at least I hope it does seen as I only wore the skirt and dress a handful of times each.

I like that it has sort of a toddler style to it. makes me feel like a big kid again!

And I love the pretty flared skirt, gathers are so flattering!

When I first finished this I actually hated it again but after seeing these pictures I'm not sure its as bad as I thought!

And its got some great twirlability going on!  

I like it which red tights and my grey cardigan!

The arm holes are bias bound to hide the raw edges that where left when I took the sleeves off.

I top stitched the seam allowances away from the lace for a neater look.

and I added a button to the top because this zip tend to spring open if you stretch or move! Ooops just spotted all those hairy threads! must remember to trim those later!!!

All in all I'm calling this a success!  I just hope I wear it a lot more now!!!

Much Love 




  1. So pretty, there is nothing quite like a swishy skirt! I love the lace with the check too, great save!

    1. Thankyou I didn't hate the other two I just wasn't wearing them!
      Frankie x

  2. My Me made May pledge this year is to take a second look at some of my makes and make them wearable again just like this. I like the sash band waist - I thought this would look good on your other one that you said you had a waistline that was too high. Love it, I hope you wear it more. Jo x

    1. I was really tempted to add the blade to that but I'd fully lined the bodice and laziness won! Instead I'll just wear it with a belt x

  3. Replies
    1. Thankyou I'm pretty pleased with it x


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