Monday, 11 April 2016

Patterns I Want To Try:


This is the bomb! its every shirt dress I've ever wanted in one pattern. I love the casual style and the girly gathers! I'm dreaming of it in a denim chambray, worn with no tights and brogues, then I'll pop onto my bike and go for a picnic. Or in winter paired with thick tights and a roll neck top sipping hot chocolate and watching fireworks.

I'll start by saying that Lisa Comfort is my girl crush, so that's probably impacted my decision but I really blooming love this, its causal and looks comfortable. Plus its got that classy vibe that I'm always trying to achieve [so easy when you've got a four year old clinging to your leg!] I'd make it in a jewel tones and wear it with jeans to sass up the school run!

Sleeves without having to actually set in sleeves? I am sold!! I actually really love the maxi dress style of this, but the shorter versions are cute too! I'd go for a loud print and a flower crown, Perfect for strolling along beaches! 

This has been out forever! and I've seen soooooo many versions that I love! I think I'd keep it classic and go for stripes although I love the idea of doing some really bold colour blocking!

I've had an unhealthy obsession with skinny jeans since my mum brought me my first pair and I discovered that they lifted and displayed my ass in a way boyfriend jeans never would! Dark denim, light denim, coloured denim, I would make these in ALL THE COLOURS!  

Ever since I saw the awesome denim bow fronted version that sozo made I have loved this pattern, I'd imagine this would be the perfect pattern for accentuating curves and getting your bum wriggle on, a la marilyn monroe! Id make it tweed and wool and tartan and all the mad men fabrics I could get my greedy little hands on!

So that's my current wishlist! And what have I realised? I like a comfortable/casual vintage style and tend to want to sew the same clothes that I would buy in the shops!
I've also realised that sewing patterns are EXPENSIVE! Sweet Jesus! but I guess everyone's got to make a living and I am a pretty stingy person in general!

Do you have any sewing pattern recommendations?

Much Love



  1. I have the Anna. It's a great pattern. Would love the Anderson too. :)

  2. I have the Anna. It's a great pattern. Would love the Anderson too. :)


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