Wednesday, 6 April 2016

10 Ways To Get Your Sew-Jo Back

We've all been there, sat with a pile of fabric, oodles of time but no inspiration, so here's 10 ways to get your sew-jo back!

1; Don't sew, relax, take a bath, watch movies, binge watch an entire series in your jammies. Just get your chill on.

2; Organise your stash/tidy up! Making things is messy and a lot of the time tidying means we loose some of our favourite sewing patterns and fabrics! Have a good sort through and you might find some hidden gems in your own stash!

3; Find inspiration!! Go outside! visit a gallery, look at what's in the shops and see what catches your eye! 

4; Find inspiration! Stay inside! Look at pinterest, Instagram, Re-read old blogs you love, Find new blogs to add to your reading list! Visit the fold line, see what's happening in the on-line sewing community!

5; Go fabric shopping, challenge yourself to try something new, a print, or a fabric. Buy something you normally wouldn't and see what happens! You might just love it!

6; Swap with a friend! Find a sewing buddy and swap fabrics and patterns your bored with. You know what they say, ones man's trash is another man's treasure!

7; Practise techniques, make a list of things your scared of, and practise doing them on scrap fabrics! You'll something new and you'll wonder why you avoided doing them for so long! Concealed zips, Welt pockets, rolled hems the list is endless! 

8; Make something easy, pick your favourite pattern and fabric and just zone out and do what you do best, blow those cobwebs away! 

9; Shop your patterns, Print off pdfs you've brought but never used and look at the ones that came free with magazines you might find some real gems!!

10; clean your sewing machine, if all else fails cleaning your machine means its in tip top condition for when your back in your groove! Plus it keeps your machine healthy!

Do you have any tips on getting your sewjo back? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love



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