Sunday, 10 April 2016

A very old project

I took wordwork for my GCSEs , no idea why I wasn't particularly good at it I just liked making things so I chose art, textiles, woodwork and history.

Anyway one of our projects was to make a box, I chose to do a simple square and carved all of the sides by hand. I had a mallet and everything.

I was really proud of this box and it felt really relaxing carving it to be honest.

Then when it was finished, sanded and graded (I got a blooming D For gods sake) I gave it to my brother for their kids.

Naturally I thought they might have got rid of it at some point, having kids means you get a lot of crap and you have to ditch off a lot of crap.

Imagine my surprise to see it sat on their kitchen table when I went for ba visit on Wednesday! 

Naturally I had to get a picture, especially seen as it's about oooft 8/9 years old! 

And I'm still pretty proud of it! 

Much love 



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