Thursday, 7 April 2016

Miette Progress Report!

I thought it was about time I did another update on my miette cardigan! Which I'm starting to hate by the way! from what I can see my last update was here in October 

So as you can see I've finished the bodice and I'm what I'm referring to as the home stretch, The sleeves. 

The bodice turned out okay, I like the shape but the wool is a lot thicker than I thought which is kinda meh. And I'm annoyed because I jacked up the lace pattern right at the end, I don't think its noticeable but I know I did it so that bothers me! 

The sleeves are knitted in the round and my circular needle is too long so its a complete faff to be honest, I seem to spend most of my time jigging the wire and the stitches. On the plus side though you only need to knit in garter stitch and you achieve stocking stitch. Its witchcraft but it works!!

I'm planning to have it done before September, which would make it a year long project but I still don't think that's too bad for my first ever hand knitted garment. And I'm pretty sure the experience hasn't put me off so much that I'll never make another one!

Hopefully my next post about this will be me saying its finished! And proudly modelling it flaws and all! 

Much Love Frankie



  1. HI Frankie, you are brave as this is your first knit, I tried to set that lace pattern 9 times and then got my mum to knit it for me! I have a magic loop tutorial on my blog which might speed up your sleeve production. It could be what you are doing now but check it out in case it saves your knitting life.
    If you have enjoyed knitting top down there is another easier one on ravelry called the sunkist cardigan which is a breeze to make which is referenced on the magic loop post. Good Luck my knitting friend. Jo x

    1. I think I'm going to go for something a bit different next time. Its been a great learning curve though and a really test of dedication and staying organised. I'm hoping to finish it soon!


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