Monday, 18 April 2016

Guitar Playing Bear

So today is a fun make, there is nothing serious about this at all!

Its a bear playing guitar, I'll just give you a minute to bask in the glory of that.

The pattern came from issue 25 of love sewing magazine, The pattern is actually for a panda but I didnt have any white or black felt so I just turned mine into a teddy bear and so it didn't become bland I made it a jazzy coloured guitar.

I omitted the flower headband because mine is a lil boy bear , and instead just gave him a axle rose style bandanna. I did give him the beads though, which was nice because I have a huge tub of beads that I hardly ever use! 

I especially like the strings detail, Although I miss-counted and only did five strings not six! So its not an entirely accurate guitar.

I think its really cute and it was a perfect sew for looking after a poorly boy on the sofa, not majorly poorly just tired and grumpy, we watched films and I sewed up this little fella. Who I'm naming.........

KEITH! After my brother in law, who plays guitar and has a certain teddybearness about him.

He has a tail which I completely forgot to photograph. and I added a tummy patch which the pattern doesn't call for. Stitching wise I did the whole thing by hand using a small running stitch. I also didn't use much stuffing although it takes more felt than you'd think!

All in all , its cute so WINNER! 

Much Love



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