Tuesday, 5 April 2016

School Days Knitted Cowl

Rikki's Nan recently lent me a pair of circular needles to help me finish my miette cardigan more easily, as it goes the ones I were using were shorter than the ones she lent me so I didn't need them. But it would have been rude not to have cast anything on!

I used scrap yarn, Including scrap sock yarn which I doubled up to make thicker. I'm not sure about the colour scheme the red, white, blue, grey and red remind me a little bit too much of school to be honest. And I do not like being reminded of school in any way shape or form.

The whole thing was knitted in the round, I cast on lots [detailed measure huh?] of stitches, then did a row of purl, then joined it together and carried on working in garter stitch and by some kind of bizarre witchcraft stocking stitch kept appearing but I was working in garter stitch! Its like MAGIC!  

However the wrong side is still in garter stitch and the nature of stocking stitch makes the edges curl up like nobodies business. I think this is where blocking comes in, but I just ironed them flat because I'm a knitting rebel! 

So yeah, it not a success and its not a failure it'll probably sit in my drawer until next winter and I'll decide if I completely hate it then.

In other news I'm busting a move trying to schedule a weeks worth of blog posts because lil man is off...... and boy is it fun!

No it is fun, on the days when we have something planned or are able to go out somewhere, on the days we are confined to the house or whatever's in walking distance [not a lot] most of our day is taken up with me being followed by a small child who's whining. I'm not sure why he's following me so much but its actually starting to get on my nerves now.

I know its supposed to be one of those adorable things that kids do because you know "they love their mummy sooooooooooooooo MUCH!!!" but I tripped over him twice yesterday so I'm starting to think of him more as a mini assassin. He actually slid past the hoover that was resting on the top of the stairs whilst I hoovered the middle today and nearly killed me. 

I realise it was probably an accident but all I could see was the headline:


I just hope he cleans up after himself!

Bad Pun

Much Love



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