Thursday, 28 April 2016

Cheer Up Elephant

This is one of those really silly things I like to make every now and again. Basically I like to leave Rikki little gifts, sometimes it a bunch of sunflowers [he is my sunshine] , once a knitted bunny rabbit, a tray of jam tarts on the stairs, a bag of doughnuts! Basically if he's feeling low or poorly I think its my mission to perk him up! And if I feel low he does the same!

Anyway seen as he's had a pretty nasty cold I decided to quickly stitch him up a elephant to cheer him up!

I used the pattern from this book . The pattern is designed for wovens and made on a machine but I decided to use scraps of fleece and sew it by hand.

It took up a few hours whilst one poorly boy dragged himself to work and the other sat on the sofa feeling sorry for himself.

Construction wise its nothing ground breaking, although if I were to make it in a woven fabric I think I'd actually insert the ears rather than slip stitch them on as the pattern suggests.

He's very soft and cute and definitely cheered Rikki up! although he wasn't impressed with the name I gave him!! Snottersly! Yeah gross I know! I don't have a great track record with giving things names!

What do you do to cheer people up when they are sick?

Much Love



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