Saturday, 9 April 2016

DIY Shoe Refashion

 Let me start off by saying I LOVE these shoes. I mean if I had to choose between saying Rikki from a burning building or these shoes, some days, just some days I would choose the shoes.

They are so comfortable its unreal, these shoes have never left me with blisters and a drunken Frankie once walked home from the pub wearing them. YES! wearing them, not carrying then in her hand, not balancing them on her feet whilst receiving a piggy back. Actually wearing them.

These cheap primark heels have seen many a night out, day trip and a very special wedding where I was taking all the pictures. YES! all the pictures and they coped through that too!

 Which is probably why they are wrecked, the heels or wrecked the toes are wrecked. But due to the fact they don't wreck my feet, I decided a quick spruce up was in order! And luckily for me the faux suede of these shoes was easy to refashion.

A good paint job can hide a multitude of sins! I'm using Revell model paint that was left over from some models Rikki built. I love that it comes in both matt and metallic colours! For this project I used silver and matt black.

And took my inspiration from shoes with contrast metallic toes, I think Kurt Geiger and Chanel made some.

First of all I taped off the toes and painted the main body of the shoe black. I had to do two coats for even coverage.

Then with a steady hand I pulled off the toe tape and painted the toes and heels metallic silver. Again I had to do two coats for even coverage.

Next I painted the soles red, al la Jimmy Choo. To be honest might do this with all my shoes because it makes me feel 100% more classy!

I think they turned out pretty BOSS to be honest. I'm pleased because I don't have to throw away one of my favourite pairs of shoes and because it feels like I have a new pair.

I am considering painting the heels black as well to make them feel a bit classier but I think I'll give them a couple of wears first. I didn't paint the heels black originally because I thought I might run out of paint after one shoes and then wouldn't I look a Muppet! Although two shoes in different colours might be kinda quirky.

And they are still as comfortable as ever! 

Yerp still definitely thinking about painting those heels to make the toes more of a statement!

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