Wednesday, 20 April 2016

In God We Trust .... I hope this is legal!

In 2010 I went to New York with my college for a photography trip. From what I remember it was quite expensive but my parents were good enough to pay for me to go on the condition I worked on controlling my anxiety and panic attacks better.

And I'm happy to say I smashed it!

We were their for about 5/6 days and took in all the sights as well as soaking up the atmosphere, We went to the empire state building on valentines day, where I had the pleasure of watching an American couple break up [yeah on valentines day! what a bumface] we did ice skating at the rockerfeller centre and I did a power slide down one of the marble hallways of Trump towers!  

Yes I wore bright pink fluffy ear warmers, I'm not sure what was more fun receiving compliments from Americans or their delight to find that I was British!

"OMG do you know the Queen?"

"Yep me and Lizzie are home girls, BFFS, two peas in a quaint British pod"

Naturally I brought a lot of souvenirs but whereas my hoody, tshirt, novelty glasses and other bits of tat have all gone, the only things that remain are my New York booty shorts [ya know for when I'm feeling sassy] and this Quarter, which has been floating around my jewellery box for the past 6 years.

Until last night when I took the plunge and drilled a hole so I can wear it as a lucky talisman of how far I've come. And as a reminder that all bad things come to pass.

I drilled it using our little handheld drill and it took bloody ages, I put some sticky tape on the front but the drill still slipped so the eagle doesn't hang completely straight which is annoying but I'm not perfect so I don't see why this should be. the loop came from an old piece of jewellery and the chain did as well, the chains pretty short as well which I like and I'm enjoying wearing it layer up with other lucky talismans.

It did occur to me halfway through that damaging a countries currency might be a bit illegal, I'm pretty sure that damaging English money is like a personal diss on the queen or something?

So yeah there is a part of me that wondering if Donald Trump might be stood at my door at some point ranting and raving but I didn't do it as a disrespect of the american people just as a respect of myself, and my personal journey!

Anyway I definitely plan on going back to New York at some point In fact their has been discussion about doing some sort of american road trip with me Rikki and lil knitwit which could be cool!

Although we completely differ on where we want to go!!

Much Love




  1. That looks great. you have reminded me of a garnet stone I picked up on a very high mountain in Norway when I was travelling around - I really ought to set it in something so that I can remember I used to walk up mountains not just to the bread shop. Jo x

    1. Im the same I cant believe some of the stuff I used to do pre child! Sounds like a lovely stone, If you don't set it yourself Im sure lots of jewellers would be happy to take a look!


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