Saturday, 29 November 2014

Sleepy owl

I needed a little break from sketching today, so I picked up my hoop. 

I'd started this a while ago but becuase of orders etc. it found itself pushed to one side! Feeling ignored. 

But today I just needed something mindless to do so I got it back out. 

I like it, it's a bit more whimsical than what I usually do. 

It's got lots of swirls and flourishes. 

My little moon! 

It's a bit of a mismatch project becuase I'm using all of my scrap threads. 

Other than this, I've swept the carpet (yes swept the hoovers on the blink!) and we visited a Christmas fair this morning, where I won a baby doll for lil Knitwit! Thankfully the lady on the stall was kind enough to change it for a stuffed dog. 

Poor lil Knitwit is desperately trying to recover from his cough and cold , but it really seems to have settled in his chest poor thing!

Here he is feeling sorry for himself, does anyone have any cough and cold remedies? 

Much love 



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