Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Hello Betty!

Today has been one of those days! Lots of stress! So I had comfort food for dinner and was tucked up in bed by 9pm! Watching buffy the vampire slayer! (If you haven't seen it buy the box set this pretty much summed up my entire childhood! My mum and sister were big fans!) 

Anyway whilst searching the loft for Christmas decorations I found this beauty! 

From what I can tell she was on the BBC quite a lot back in the day! 

But the book actually has some pretty cool patterns in! 

Some very classic shapes

And some casual bridal wear! 

A nice section on fitting patterns 

And a whole load of pages with techniques and tips and clear illustrations! 

I'm glad I found it again, it really is a lovely book! I think it came from my grandmas house, alternatively i stole/rescued it from school! 

The only problem is it requires Betty's own brand of square paper for making the patterns and I'm having trouble finding it! If all else fails an idea of the square sizes might work? 

Much love



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