Monday, 10 November 2014

In the good old days...

I've never been normal, I've always been a little bit quirky, and I've never really gone with the flow, fashion wise.

And this item definitely proves I was never "a dedicated follower of fashion"

This is my school blazer, I probably had it from year seven to year eight, and then had a new one. At which point this happened.

Yeah I embroidered the entire thing, and I used to wear it all the dammed time!

Obviously I embroidered it with some super cool symbols, crosses, wings, eyes, bubbles?

Just to be clear, the teenage Frankie thought this jacket was the BOMB! Seriously why blend in when you can stand out!

Oh a teardrop, lil bit of emo Frankie creeping out there.

I honestly don't know if I would wear this (or even make this again!) but at the time I thought it was brilliant! As you can tell from the wear and tear on the stitches I wore it a lot! But can't actually find any pictures of me in it?

I don't know, part of me thinks that my teenage self has some very questionably taste, but the other part of me wasn't to put it on listen to some my chemical romance and whine about how the world doesn't understand me!

Have you made any questionable fashion choices over the years?

Much Love




  1. Wow I haven't seen that for a very long time! It was awesome then & it's still awesome now. A shining example of you are who you are no matter what's going on in the world around you! A wise lady in a shed once said to me - you're different, you're not like everyone else but that's ok, that's good :)

    1. Why be a sheep ? Yeah I did strut around in it for a little while! Thanks for reading x

  2. I love that its fab! does it still fit?
    bestest daisy j x

    1. Yes I had a good strut around the house after I'd taken the pictures! X


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