Friday, 7 November 2014

Its not that I don't love her anymore, I just dont feel how I used to....

Everyone has skeletons in their closet (pantry if your English, cupboard under the stairs if your Harry Potter)

Ex boyfriends, Friends, the odd dead body........

and looooonnnnnnggggg neglected mannequins......

Meet Matilda

This little love was a present from my lovely parents when I first became interested in dressmaking (Its hard to believe how much those guys supported and nurtured my dreams! I took it for granted so much growing up, but if your reading cheers guys!)

I believe it was secretly brought from our local auction room!

And she is hard core, I literally have no idea how old she is but trust me she is no where as new as the adjustable mannequins I've ever seen, those things are safe! No seriously, adjusting Matilda is RISKY! I nearly lost a finger once!

Her covers coming off a bit and she's missing a couple of screws, but after residing in our loft for the past two years I thought she deserved an outing and a bit of a spruce for yesterdays photo-shoot!

Ahh much better! and perfect for taking hundreds of pictures of cowls and scarves!

What's hidden in your closet?

Much Love




  1. OMG.......I've got one too! Her real name is Venus!!!!!
    Every time we go up into the loft (attic) hubby suggests that I get rid of her as I no longer dressmake for myself and even if I did, I am no longer even remotely the same shape as Venus(!????)
    Cant do it, so back into the corner she goes and there she will stay until I'm making dresses for my granddaughters.

    1. Venus? Hmmm I like Matilda better! That's the thing even though she's adjustable I could never get the measurements quite right!
      Thanks for reading x


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