Saturday, 8 November 2014

Wine Glass Coasters/Holders!

I should probably start by saying that this pattern was given to me by one of my mummy's lovely friends! But that I think its possibly one of the best ideas I have ever seen in my life. Seriously forget the tv, everyone needs these in their life.

Now one thing I've noticed since I've grownup (yes I have grown up I have the child to prove it) is that adults love wine! you wanna know what adults also like? Stealing each other drinks by "accident"....

"oh I'm sorry I down your full glass of wonderful tasting rose, that definitely had your lipstick marks on..... I must have thought it was mine! I'm sure there's still some of that red that tastes like paint stripper left."

Yeah adults are crafty..

Adults also seem to hate coasters, not at first! The first glass its all where are your coasters isn't your home lovely but after that second glass kicks in the very idea of coasters becomes foreign.

which is why these bad boys are so awesome! not only do they help you to distinguish between who's drink its who's! they also eliminate water rings! They are basically magic!

See they just hook onto the bottom of your glass!

They travel with your glass!

and if you make them all different, everyone know who's glass is who's!

Here's a few that are up for individual sale on my etsy page!

And here's a Christmas set I've made as an order! (these are all a little but different so you can tell who's wine is who's!

But I also do full matching sets, this particular bunch is plain red!

And the best part these can be used as regular coasters too! (that's not to say that most men wont just plonk their beer can down on the first available surface!)

Much Love



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