Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Please allow me to introduce you to the queen of homemade costumes 

My momma! 

She's done them all, Viking, roman man, Mary poppins and many more besides! Growing up I don't think I ever had a shop brought costume, but here are some pictures of a few of her creations! 

Belly dancer : from what I remember this costume was originally made for my sister, and then passed down to me. I wore it for a fancy dress birthday party, and needless to say I felt awesome! 

Indian sari : this was made for a multi cultural day at school, the veil is some old netting and my momma stitched on all the trims using her machine. You might notice she used the bottoms from the belly dance costume aswell! Thrifty madam! 

Pirate costume: I hated this, mother I'm going to have it out with you now! MOTHER I WAS THE ONLY BROWNIE IN THE PRODCITION OF PETER PAN WITH FACIAL HAIR!!!! Pretty sure this is going to have me seeing a shrink in a few years! The sash round my waist and the bandana were/are both my dads from his (young) motorcycling days. Since then I have stolen both! Sorry daddy if you thought you'd lost them! 

And last but not least

1950s ladies at the goodwood revival: now she didn't make these but she did research everything we are wearing and find the extras we needed! She also lent me her fur coat (bagsy when she dies) and spend 2 hours pin curling my hair the night before! 

As a side note if you LOVE vintage I would definitely recommend going to the goodwood revival! It's an incredible experience! Everyone dresses up, and there's market stalls so it's like stepping back in time and the cars are all vintage so it should be pretty easy to slip your fellas wallet out of his back pocket whilst he reminisces about his childhood!

Much love 



P.s don't be surprised if this segment returns these aren't even some of my favourites! 

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