Friday, 14 November 2014

It started with a Facebook post....

It all started as I browsed my news feed this morning , 

Everyone right? Well apparently not as it goes, mr knitwits informed me for example that he never played with his mothers button tin. 

NEVER! Growing up it was one of my favourite toys! Can I sort buttons mummy? Please? I'll put them all away afterwards!!! 

Well it got me thinking about my button tin (well actually it's a drawer but ya know) 

Yeah it's very messy, (and yes that's my button hole foot, it lives with my buttons) 

This is a personal favourite 

This is from the first setee I remember my mum and dad having, 

The spare button from my mums tartan suit, 

I think this was off one of my brothers cardigans, 

Creepy eye buttons that my mother has had forever, 

And the biggest tackiest button I have ever seen which came with my grandmothers stuff. Genuinely still can't get my head around why such a lil women chose such a huge button! 

I've always loved buttons , I tend to think they can make or break an outfit and on many occasions I've changed the buttons on something shop brought to make it look better.

But mainly I just love sorting them! 

Did your mum / gran / dad? Have a button box? 

Much love




  1. I love button tins! Funnily enough I did a post about some strange oriental buttons that I've somehow acquired! I love how seeing an old button can bring back memories like you say :)

    1. I just like looking at them! I think their must be a (very) small part of me that craves order in the chaos that my life is, and apparently it's chosen buttons!
      Thank you for reading

  2. I can't remember my grandmother having a button tin or box, but I have one! My quilt guild has a "Quilto" tournament (bingo but with quilt-y words) every December meeting. I bring my button tin to use the buttons as markers.

    1. That's a Brillant idea! I've never thought of using them as counters before! My lite boy likes telling me the colours at the moment, he's very good at his colours now! Quilts sounds like a fun game! Thanks for reading


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