Saturday, 22 November 2014

I now pronounce you... Finished!

It's nice to step out of your comfort zone once in a while, and it's always nice to finish something especially if it's going to be a gift! 

I've never done this sort of thing before , in fact I've never made anything for a wedding before apart from my sisters garter! Which I'll have to blog about at some point! 

But wedding letters seem to be the rage at the moment and I've got to admit I love them! 

The bride requested white and some sparkles (never met a bride who doesn't love sparkle!) 

We decided to go for the classy look rather than the my big fat gypsy wedding look ! 

I used a mixture of pale gold and silver for the sparkles and applied them by hand! (I officially never want to see another sparkle in my life!) 

I'm so excited for the wedding aswell! It's in six months time , so I've got plenty of time to decide what to wear! 

Much love 



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