Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Christmas is coming!!! Has anyone heard! Everyone to panic stations! Man the wrapping desk! Someone grab that turkey! 


Seriously though I'm blaming Christmas for my sporadic posting, although hopefully It should get better soon! I've completed two orders and ones nearly finished (hopefully I'll be able to post about it later) and I've got some art coming along nicely! 

I've also got a hankering to make a Megan dress from love at first stitch, probobly a wearable muslin type thing and then maybe treat myself to some fabric after Christmas (or have a complete meltdown and get some anyway before Christmas!) anyway I'm going to have a zip rummage tonight and see what I can do! Although I bet a full button back version would look lovely! 

Other than that! Christmas is nearly wrapped up stress wise! (There's a pun in there somewhere) Christmas presents have all been brought and most are wrapped (insert smug face here) and I don't even have to worry about Christmas dinner as we are at mr knitwits nans this year! 

In other news I got to see my lovely aunty and uncle today in Nottingham! (If your reading HEYA!) and they have to pleasure of owning this 

Which I did for my mum to give my uncle one year! It's him sat on a fence (as a child) with rupert bear! My uncle has a love for rupert bear that is unrivalled by anyone I have ever met. No seriously! 

And for those of you wondering why rupert isn't white? I've had it drilled into me from a young age that whilst rupert is white inside to books he is always brown on the cover! 

I have a wealth of useless knowledge! 

Much love 



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