Thursday, 27 November 2014

Baby dungarees!

Okay so I wanted a quick project for today, I needed something completely mindless to work on. 

I turned to this pattern from the great British sewing bees "sew your own wardrobe" 

I've never actually sewn anything from this book (I traced a pattern and realised I didn't have enough fabric and tried the eek the fabric and basically wasted my fabric and time) 

Anyway the patterns sheets look like this 

Like an acid trip from the eighties , not that I was alive in the eighties , or have ever had an acid trip come to think of it. 

Anyway after a lil tiny bit of swearing I finally found all the peices and traced the little sod! 

Three pieces isn't too much work! 

This is the fabric I chose for the main body, I have no idea what it's called as it's from my grandmas stash, but I like it becuase it looks like bacteria. I like fun fabrics for babies! Can't stand it when lil children look like adults they should be comfy and FREE!!!! 

I followed most of the instructions regarding the sewing of the seams! 

I hemmed the armholes and much to my surprise found that placing the pins this was worked far better on the curves! 

Then I used bias binding (which I made myself- insert smug face) for the crotch area and the legs. 

Now here's my problem, I need to add buttons, but I'm stuck on which ones to use!!!! 

Funky red gingham? 

(Oh yeah I forgot to mention the pocket I added at the front!)

Green spotty? 

Green gingham? 

Green khaki? 


I'm totally lost!!!! I think it's a hard fabric to work with because it's so busy (to be honest there's a small part of me that thinks it might be a little bit hideous!).

Anyway what have I learnt:
•bias binding is easier than I thought
•ironing makes everything easier! 
•some fabrics work better for children than adults! 
•tracing pattern pieces is never as painful as I think it's going to be! 

Anyway what do you think about buttons! ???

Much love



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