Wednesday, 26 November 2014

New janome sewing machine!

Okay so remember I said I'd gotten a new machine? Well remember I said it needed a little tune up? Well it was having a little bit of difficulty sewing, it was stiching the back quite loosely so I had to have a tinker! 

First I cleaned out the bobbin area thingy!
Including unscrewing the plate! 

Next I cleaned the up downy bit! (Technical term) and changed the needle! 

This still didn't work! So fiddled with the tension for a bit, no luck still loose stitches! And then I decided to try the zig zag to see how that worked! Now by some fluke although I changed the stitch length and width, I forgot to change the actual stitch! (Bear with me I'm getting to the point) 

Anyway it produced a lovely line (not zig zag) of stitching! No puckers! No loose stitches! Now after a little bit of dective work it became apparent that the machine will only stitch nicely if the needle is off centre! 

No seriously ! Central = messy stitching, 2mm off center = perfect! 

And I have no idea why! I might try undoing the entire foot bit incase it's been put on wrong! But other than that I have no ideas? Anybody out there know what it could be? 

In other news I have downed my usual craft tools today in favour of this! 

Yes sometimes, on certain projects only a bread knife will do! 

Much love 



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