Tuesday, 18 November 2014

It's been a while...

I haven't posted in a few days , I'm sorry, I didn't mean to leave you, it's not a rejection, no I still love you, baby? Baby please? 

I'm joking! Sorry it always makes me giggle when bloggers apologise for having a life/work/child, even though none have these have actually got in the way. I've just had nothing to write about, so unless you wanted a play by play of my fairly mundane days it just wasn't worth posting! 

Mainly I've been finishing orders (Christmas gifts so can't be blogged yet) and doing some custom art, not released yet , and doing some alterations which is just snooze worthy, here look what I hemmed today..... 

That was until this happened 

That's a sewing machine for those of you outta the loop, 

A janome excel pro 5124 , to be precise. 

And it was free!!!! Mr knitwits aunty is getting the biggest hug next time I see her!

It's a little different to the one I have at the moment, I had to hunt for the spool holder! 

Ooohhhh I've never had a get in on top one before! (In my defence that sounded less filthy in my head) 

And it has a put the needle up and down button (insert gasp here) mr Knitwit had a LOT of fun playing with this feature until he tangled the entire bobbin case! 

I really like it! It's heavier than my other one but they both had different stitches! So duh duh durr! I'm keeping both! (Insert more gasps) it's greedy I know but at least I've got a spare! And one for my sister to sew on when she comes over! 

The sewing gods must be smiling down in me!

So does anyone else have this machine? I think it's discontinued? But I'd love to have someone to harass if it breaks 

Much love! 




  1. So jealous!!!


    1. Things like this usually don't happen! Must have been my lucky day! X


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