Thursday, 20 November 2014

Nobody understands me!

I like to think I was a fairly normal teenager, slightly grumpy but not the obnoxious kind, slightly introverted but not a huge emotional wreck, interested in boys but not obsessively in love after 10 minutes. Yes I think I was fairly normal but apparently not, this was the wall of my teenage bedroom, 

Oh yeah! It started with the skull and just expanded? There's a lot of emotion on that wall, a LOT of teenage angst! 

And yeah my mum did let me scribble on the walls (I have the best parents)! 

Surprisingly it actually helped for a while with dealing with the whole "growing up" thing. I kind of thought of it as a huge visual journal, everything I felt I wrote down. And then when I felt better I got rid of it. 

After all it's unhealthy to dwell on the past? 

I kept the skull though, it's copied from my tarot cards (I've told you I'm a hippy before!) and represents new life or a change in path, sort of an out with the old approach to life. 

Gosh can you see that time label? 2009! 

Anyway here's the question, well two of them, 

How did you cope with the whole growing up thing? 

And would you let your child draw on the walls? 

Much love 




  1. I do like the idea of controlled vandalism! I think it can be very cathartic. I coped by writing ludicrously visceral stories and lyrics and poems. A part of me now wishes I could have written them on the wall...

    1. Did you save them? Part of me is gutted that this picture is all I have left x

    2. I saved some of them! They're dreadful but I'm working on redoing some now to make them more mature! x

  2. I like how you took it upon yourself to cover it all up. Proof that you had moved on, and you could draw more things for a different stage of life if you wanted :)

    1. It was all based on a series of very unhealthy relationships to move on it needed to go x


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