Tuesday, 22 March 2016

New threads!

Do you want to know a secret? When I first starting blogging about sewing and properly sewing again I think I owned about five reels of thread. Mainly I used black and white becuase they were the cheapest and I didn't and still don't have a fortune to spend on my hobby!

After a while I gathered a few more colours and I was lucky enough that my pen friend sent me a few spools and that my aunty got me a thread and bobbin kit for Christmas.

But recently I got really lucky!

I've been given all of these threads! Should keep me going for a while shouldn't it! 

They are all different sizes and colours and I think most of them are polycotton (I know some sewing purests wouldn't dream of using polycotton thread but I ain't no snob, as long as it runs through my machine Im happy!)

For those of you wondering how you get a large spool to stay on your machine I don't I sit it in a mug next to my machine and it works like a dream! 

In other news I've also been given some fabric which I'm currently washing and hallelujah I finished my shirt, last night I did the collar hem and button holes soni plan on photographing that at some point. Hopefully I can get my groove back soon , I think I might start with some easier sewing projects so i don't have to think too much! 

Much love 



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