Friday, 25 March 2016

Colour Block Shirt

I'm still not sure about this shirt, as I cut it out I loved it, then I started sewing and I hated it, then it started coming together and I loved it, then I did the buttonholes and I hated it , then I put it on my mannequin finished and I loved it again! And this morning when I put it on I hated it again! And then I saw these pictures and maybe I like it? I'm not sure.

After looking on line I'd seen a few colour blocked shirts that I liked, and then I found some off white cotton [its slightly thicker than cotton but its super snuggley so I'm not sure what it is] and some wine coloured cotton that looked pretty cool together.

I used the same burda pattern that I used for my I shot Bambi shirt, but I think I prefer my bambi shirt, maybe because the crazy print hides a lot of flaws. Speaking of flaws I'll just list them here:

- The button holes are jacked up especially the top one which I ended up finishing by hand.
- The button band is off and the stitching is fairly crappy.
- The cuffs are not brilliant. 
- There's irregular stitching all over the place, apparently my machine did not like going through more than two layers of the thicker white stuff.

I'm not apologising for these issues though because a) its still better than my first one and b) I made a fricking shirt, so yeah. 

Things I like:

- The stripe of red at the back in the pleat looks awesome! I'm super pleased with how that turned out.
- I love the contrast yoke and the pockets, It took a lot of measuring to get those pockets even but it was worth the effort.
- The top stitching on the collar. I worked really hard to make sure it was even and looked neat.
- The hem, just in general its neat and looks bad-ass, I shortened it slightly as my Bambi shirt is a touch too long and I think my hem curve was really successful. I used bias tape to do the hem because I just think its the neatest way of doing curved hems.
- I think my button choice is pretty cool, I like all the colours together.

So yeah I think I like it ? It looks pretty modern and I think it will fit in quite nicely with the wardrobe, I like that its got a smart and casual vibe at the same time and I can see it being good for the school run.

BUT! I still don't love it as much as my Bambi shirt, but that could have just been because it had ya know deer on it!

I like it open too, I think the biggest issue is that its not ground breaking but its a good wardrobe staple. Also guess who cut her fringe back it! This is what happens when I catch sight of myself in a mirror and realise I hate my hair! I also hate going to the hairdressers so its pretty cool that I managed to do it at home! 

Much Love




  1. Looks great! If you made the pattern a little longer I think it would make a cute shirt dress? You might find the creamy cotton is twill? Often needs a sharp needle. X X

    1. I was thinking twill! i think my needle may have been a little blunt, I did use a new needle at one point though and it snapped in half! I think this pattern is dying to become a shirtdress!!!! x


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