Friday, 4 March 2016

Slow Sewing

I had big plans for today, little man was at nursery till 2.30 so i was going to sew all day, I had a shirt cut out and i was ready to really take my time!

That was until I had a sucky nights sleep topped off by a sore throat and a small child deciding to get up at 6.15am , a whole hour before the alarm goes off for nursery. So I was not amused and I was tired. And I had to walk in the snow.

So I had to ditch my plans to sew my shirt because I wouldn't have the brain power for construction let alone top stitching. So instead I decided to have a few cups of tea, watch project runway and then do some slow sewing. As it goes I finished off two unfinished projects. And then spent a while waiting for the rain/snow to stop so I could take them outside to photographs before I lost the light. Which didn't happen so here's some pictures of the process. [ I'll do the proper pictures as soon as the weather decides to stop being a pain in the ass!]

I've got two baby quilts to finish and luckily managed to pick up some backing fabric a few days ago. Confession time, I didnt even use wadding for these, i just used squishy fleece fabric!, It's quicker and so much easier to baste them!!!

I've quilted both of them and hand sewn the front of the binding.

The finishing didn't take as long as I thought they would, I'd say the quilting took the most amount of time, Boy would I give my right arm for long arm quilter! Its pretty tough going doing it on my regular machine.

So yeah it was a productive day, but not as productive as I wanted it to be, Luckily I've got Saturday and Sunday night to sew as well. And maybe then I'll have had a bit more sleep!

Much Love



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