Wednesday, 2 March 2016

World Book Day

Its world book tomorrow, or at least that when our nursery is celebrating. And world book day means dressing up, which means mummy raiding the house for supplies and cracking out the sewing machine.

Naturally I decided to make lil man a penguin from one of his books "the happy penguin and the little seal"  [I'm not sure why I've linked that, probably because I know there's parents out there who can probably recite every word of every book their child owns so it might be nice to give them a bit of variety!]. Anyway as it goes penguin costumes are hard! and I didn't have any black fabric and it was all just looking a bit crap really so plus I'd procrastinated for a good three weeks and now had no other options other than to wing it [I can imagine my mum will laugh at this because she always said I used to change my mind ten times before any costume event, In fact one year she mad me a pony costume and then I decided to go as something else! Looks like my indecisiveness doesn't change.]

So I decided to send him as Link from "Hyrule Historia" I.e Link from legend of zelda the video game, which him and his daddy have been avidly playing!

Naturally I had to use what I had on hand, sooooo the trousers are his new chinos, the shirt is an old white shirt that only just fits I removed the collar and just left the collar stand, the tunic is two pieces of green fabric [stash] with some neck shaping, I simply sewed the shoulder and side seams, I left all the other edges raw. The hat is a triangle sewed up one side and I added a band to the bottom with elastic in to make sure it stays on his head. The shield I drew and painted, {its one of the designs from the game} onto card from the back of a notebook. The sword came from b and ms, because I wasn't happy with any of the ones I made, and because we knew we'de get use from it anyway! The belt is an old one of mine that I cut down!

And doesn't he look sweet! Even Rikki smiled when he saw it all come together! 

My main issue was making something he would be comfortable in and something he would be able to have a wee in at nursery. I know the staff have said before to please make sure that children can take themselves to the toilet in their costumes.  

Hopefully he likes it, he kind of looks like Robin Hood or Peter Pan as well so I think that's what the staff will think he is. Although they might have played the game when they were younger I suppose! 

So yeah I've not completely played by the rules because its originally game based but their is a book and I made a whole costume in like an hour and a half so that's a win! And seen as I think its going to be a class of superheroes tomorrow its nice that h'ell look a bit different! 

Here's him and his daddy seen as they are the "team game!" and "team boy" to quote lil man! I'm actually wondering if there's another occasion I can dress him up for and have Rikki dressed up as a character from the game too! 

So yay success, now I just have to sew for me for another year!

Much Love




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