Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Threadcount Suede Pencil Skirt

I made this last night, because I'm rapid at sewing and stuff! The pattern came from an issue of love sewing magazine, Its threadcount 1604 and the skirt is part of a five in one wardrobe builder. The skirt is the first project I've made from it.

Originally I was like meh pencil skirt, I already have a pencil skirt pattern that I love so it seemed a bit obsolete, that was until I looked and saw that it had no darts and was just made up of panels with curved tops which is pretty cool!

Its a lil wrinkled here because I'd been wearing it all so so forgive me! I cut a size 12, my hip measurement came out as a 98cm and the size 12 finished measurement is 100cm so I thought it would be fitted enough but hopefully still comfy. As it goes it fits like a glove!

The back split looks wonky here but it isn't, I top-stitched up the edge of each seam to really bring out the panels.  

The fabric came from one of my mums friends, I think it was here curtains they seemed pretty new though.

The instructions were pretty clear but I kind off went my own way when it came to the waistband, I read the instructions but they didn't make sense to me so being tired I just winged it and I think it looks okay, its got a zip in and then a button on the waistband.

Its got a pretty deep hem, mainly I think because my legs are disproportionate to my body. Ie I have a long body and stumpy lil a hobbit.

All in all I love it, the colours great and the fit is excellent even if I do look like I've been poured in!

I thought it would go with lots of stuff in my wardrobe but it turns out its a hard one to pair stuff with, because the skirt is a loud colour I feel like it needs a more muted top but I don't want to look like a secretary, any ideas?

Here's a close up of the top stitching! I used a slightly pink thread to make it stand out!

I'm pleased to announce this a success!!!

Much Love



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  1. That is a great skirt! And the color is so rich.


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