Thursday, 10 March 2016

Second Baby Blanket - Spotty Spiral

This is my second baby blanket for a sprog that's being born this year. And i can take no responsibility for the crazy fabric choices, I pulled some very neutral colours from my stash for this quilt, and then Lil man came over asked what I was doing and who the quilt was for and he decided because they have a spotty dog, they must have a spotty quilt and then picked out every spotty fabric I own. 

And then I pulled a few solids and an owl fat quarter and the Spotty Spiral quilt was born!

For the piecing I cut all my fabric into strips the same size and joined them together. so i had one bit long roll of crazy spotty ness, kinda like a jelly roll.

Then I started with my gingham centre square [yeah I put gingham in the mix too!] and added a boarder to each side in a spiral and there you go!! Genuinely some of the most relaxing piecing I've ever done. Sew strip, Cut, Turn, Sew strip, Cut, Turn very therapeutic!

In the end I had to add a solid boarder to balance the quilt a bit more [And its ombre and my awesome matching skills means it goes from dark to light to dark to light perfectly!]

I backed it with white fleece fabric and quilted it in a very simple spiral pattern that I think looks super cool. This was also very relaxing, however I still hate wrestling a quilt under my domestic machine! 

Because of the nature of the project this turned into quite the little stash buster! And although its crazy because of all the prints I think it looks really fun!

And I really love that there's so many different sizes of polka dot! 

The mustard binding really ties the whole thing together, I machined the back and hand stitched the front for a nicer finish. In fact I think hand stitching the binding might be my favourite part of quilting.

I'm pleased with how it all came together especially seen as I didn't choose most of the fabrics and I went for a really simple piecing method! Now both of my baby quilts are finished I can focus on my quilt again! Yay! That is unless someone else decides to get knocked up!!!   

In other news , lil man has been getting up really early which is brilliant obviously [insert copious amounts of sarcasm here]. 

And I've started a full house clean, so far I've done the bathroom and airing cupboard, lil mans room and the kitchen. Just have to do the hallway and its cupboards, the pantry [sobs, there's always spiders in there] and then the living room and the dining/sewing/dvd/guinea pig room! And then our room! Its exhausting but It'll be worth it when its done. So far I'm using the if we don't use it bin it rules! And were putting a lot of stuff up the loft too.

In fact me writing this is me putting off tidying and cleaning 

Much Love




  1. Love this lil man's input, and Mama's going for it! And everything is better with gingham, right? The size of the strips keeps it from being too busy, and all the different colors and patterns makes it sew much fun! Happy house cleaning!!!

  2. I love making quilts out of scarps. I always think what is the point of buying fab fabric, cutting it into little pieces and sewing them back together again!! I reckon quilts are for scraps to be used up. I am in the middle of one right now but the bloody think won't go through my machine hole. Jo x

    1. oh no i hope you find a way around it! x

  3. What a great story about how the fabrics were chosen! A special quilt indeed! Looks great, well done.

    1. hopefully they like it! thanks for reading!



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