Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Jumpsuit That Wasn't

This project nearly became a total fail, as in I nearly cried and swore myself off sewing for life, but I persevered and got something wearable in the end.

So hears my tale of woe [you can skip this bit if you want and just go and look at the pretty pictures, but I warn you I am going to be pretty hilarious, and you don't want to miss that]

Now it all started when lovely pen friend gave me a length of orange black and white fabric in sort of a block printed geometric design [yes I should have took a picture] Anyway as soon as I saw it I thought, Jumpsuit or even better playsuit! One like the brightly patterned ones that you see in the high street, something cool and wearable that would look casual and relaxed for the summer.

So I jumped straight in head first, and traced the jumpsuit pattern from the Great British Sewing Bee book, however I shortened the legs to make it a play suit and changed the neckline slightly, I lowered it and omitted the frill. So far all was going well. Now for the cutting, I had originally wanted to cut the shorts part from the darker panel section of the fabric, but it wasn't wide enough so I had to cut the shorts from the orange and white part and the top from the black and orange part. [traditionally its considered more slimming to wear the darker colour on your bottom half, or at least that was my thinking]

Anyway I sewed it up and experienced no problems until I came to put it on, it was tight, I mean really tight. So I decided to do a quick fix job and added a waistband to give me some more length in the torso. But it didn't work.... At all.  I actually have pictures of me on it, but I'm not posting them on-line because its just a mess, and I look a mess and even for the sake of honest blogging I am not posting that crap on the internet. I have no intention of being a meme at any point in my life. And if I post those pictures I will become one. It was just awful! It was baggy around the top and tight around the legs and the shorts were too long and it actually looked like my crotch was eating the fabric , seriously it was like a scene from "teeth". Now I'm not sure what happened but I showed my mum and we concluded that it was the combination of my long torso and large posterior that led to the hideous fit issues. 

Naturally though I didn't give up because I'm a trooper and I love the fabric!!! So I added lace! seventies style lace. They say you can't polish a turd...... But you can roll it in glitter! No I'm joking it still looked like crap so I ripped off all the lace, cursed my mothers family genes that meant my bottom made the crotch look like the camel scene from Lawrence of Arabia, cut the top off and ended up with this.

Which is pretty cute huh? [you can also see in this picture that my bum might not have been the only culprit, I think my hips threw in their own crotch distorting wizardry, GOD DAMM YOU WOMANLY CURVES ]

But yeah my bum does pack some punch! But back to the top, its cute and I really love it, its great for chucking on with jeans and skirts and I see many more in my future. Its very wearable to say its made from a woven fabric.

That my phone in my pocket, I don't have a rectangular cheek I promise.

I like it better tucked in, but I think the pattern placement is pretty even, especially seen as I was working with minimal fabric.

Now I just have to decided what to do with the shorts portion? Voodoo, ritual sacrifice? Answers on a postcard people! [I really do wish I had the courage to show you the pictures because MY GOD! Did I look like a sack of poop! That's the polite way of putting it, my mother uses slightly more vulgar wording for that expression, but I'm a lady, A lady with a crotch that engulfs fabric..........]

So from failure to success! I can't believe after the amount of sewing hours I put into this all I have to show for it is a cami top ! Aww well at least I love it!

Much Love




  1. Hey now you know that bottom of yours has been much admired on many an occasion. The top is lovely and really suits you.

    1. This bottom has gotten me into its fair share of trouble aswell!!

  2. That is a super top, at least you managed to get something to wear out of it all, some. disasters can't be rescued!!! Maybe you could redraft the pattern now you know the problems?

    1. Yeah I think I need to cut a bigger size on the bottom tbh , I'm going to have a look online and see what other people have done x

  3. I love it out as it shows the fabric pattern really well. Some you win some you lose. I didn't post my first bra pic on me for fear of losing all readership! Jo x

    1. I liked your second bra pictures though! I think sometimes i just have to caution myself from over sharing! The internet can be a cruel place x


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