Monday, 14 March 2016

Little Doll

This doll came about because I saw one on a blog that I now can't find and had a bit of an awwww moment. I was looking for something to hand stitch and a doll seemed like a perfect solution.

I all started off very well, I did the body, 
hair and face all in one sitting. And then I stopped! And it sat for about three weeks before I made this little dress. 

The face is the part I'm most proud off, I love all of those intricate stitches and I dont think I made her look too creepy. 

The hair however is a massive fail, I should not have chosen that colour red, its just far too gimiky and reminds me of "chucky" 

The body of the doll is adapted from my bunny rabbit pattern but I lengthened the legs and the arms.

so yeah its okay and it gave me something to do, but I'm in no way in love with it, I might make a second version but I'll use a less bright hair colour !

and make more clothes! [I had intended for this one to have a whole wardrobe but I lost interest!]

Much Love



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