Saturday, 19 March 2016

Finishing Projects - Hexy Quilt

Its been a few days since I've last posted, mainly because I haven't really done anything due to a complete lack of motivation. I'm not sure what my funk is but I'm hoping to get out of it soon, I'm wondering if its because I've churned out some pretty big projects recently and my mind just needs a rest. There's been more sorting out going on though which has brought several unfinished projects to my attention including my hexy quilt! Which according to instagram I started 48 weeks ago!

Which I have decided to finish and I'm scrapping the quilt idea. I love the idea of having a hexy quilt, but we are hoping to move in the future and I plan on having a quilt in every room but I want them to match the decor and I'm not sure this will work. So instead I'm going to turn it into a large floor cushion. Something i can stow away in a cupboard but bring out when I need an extra seat or want to build a blanket fort or do some reading in the garden.

So I've decided this will be my last full row, and then I'm going to do a row of white cut down Hexies to give me straight edges. I think It'll be nice to have something finished again and I can see it being very useful.  

I've also been doing a bit of knitting, I've started on the sleeve of my miette cardigan and I'm struggling with how my circular needle I have, everything seems a lil stretched. I'm hoping I can bust out the two sleeves very soon because I think the cardigan will be awesome for the summer.

I also started this lil pair of booties, 

But they look a bit small at the moment so I'm going to rip it back and start again on bigger needles.

They are going to be grey and white striped, which I'm hoping will look super chic!

Much Love



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