Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Reviewing what I've made the good the bad and the ugly.....

Looking back at what I've made I think I'm a lot more comfortable in my sewing skin now and I know what I like and what suits me.

So here's the low down on what's ended up in the bin! (In this post I've just covered what been binned I have a few items that I've never really worn but to be honest I've never really had an occasion to wear them.)

WARNING: picture heavy post .

I thought this turned out pretty cute but it turned out the fabric was really warm and sweaty so it got ditched.

There were so many flaws with this I just had to let it go!

It was short it was elasticated it was a bust! I'm not sure why I have such a proud look on my face in this picture I should have been ashamed! 

I loved this dress , but it had a nasty argument with a bottle of bleach, RIP comfy dress.

I loved this aswell! But countless washing and small hands playing with the buttons meant it retired last week! RIP Eiffel tower, Big A , rocket ship jumper.

The fit on these wasn't awful but the fabric choice was!

This is currently in the refashion pile! [note to self, I am not a catholic schoolgirl]

this print would have been better suited to pjs , I am not a pale flower kind of girl.

Bad fit, which is a shame because I really loved the bodice fabric. Although some of the left over scraps of this are in my hexy quilt and I think there's some in my god daughters quilt too.

Again this is in the refashion pile, I'm thinking I might pull off the sleeves and add a gathered skirt?

As I said when I made it I felt like a potato, and I just couldn't get that idea out of my head.

But Its not all doom and gloom! Here's some of things that have been a roaring success! Literally they are washed and back on my body within days!

Its just SOOOOOO flattering! and it goes with pretty much everything! Although I do worry that it might not work for summer because of the fabric.

This is just the best summer dress in the whole world! And now it has happy memories because I wore it too my best friends baby shower! 

I wear the skirt all the time but I've only worn the jacket like once? Still a success though! 

Wearing this today, Its still cute and I still love the Anne Marie Horner print! 

Its a big black cardigan what's not to love! 

Due to gaining a lil bit of weight this actually fits better now! Every cloud eh? 

So yeah I always think its worth taking a look back at what you've made in the past so you make the right decisions in the future! And so you can get a better idea of what styles really suit you!

Much Love




  1. You have made so much. I think the plaid dress would look great with front and back darts to make slinky shift dress. You defo need to try a jumper to cardigan make. Jo x

    1. Its on my list! Ive been looking for suitable jumpers! Im considering my options with the plaid dress, its currently a megan dress but the fit is so off, Im tempted to attached a gather skirt and omit the sleeves and have a looseish 90s style type dress thing! x


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