Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Brown Suede Wrap Skirt

Okay so this stemmed from some of the wrap skirts I've seen on topshop and new looks website. Basically I wanted something smart, comfy and practical. 

Construction wise I used the GBSB pencil skirt pattern but cut two of the front and didn't close one of the side seams. I also added a long waist tie, in hindsight i shouldn't have done this central I should have done it to one side because now when its tied one tie is longer than the other.

After watching an episode of the GBSB I switched out the darts for box pleats. I have no recollection of how I did this now [I'm forgetful I can't help it!] But I think I just worked out how much the darts took out and tuck out the same amount but using a box pleat. So for example it your dart take out two inches of fabric then you box pleat needs to be 1 inch deep on either side, luckily because of the nature of a wrap skirt its pretty forgiving fit wise. 

And it gives a pretty nice tulip shape. In fact if I make it again I might redraft the Skirt pieces to make it wider so I can do bigger box pleats and make a more exaggerated tulip skirt. 

Here's lil man posing with me, he likes helping with blog photos.

Oops nearly forgot, I also curved the edge on one of my front skirt pieces so I finished it with bias binding. 

The tie is a slightly different suede to main skirt because I ran out of the brown suede. In fact to be completely honest I had to make the skirt twice because I badly burnt the back of my first version and had to bin it. Hence running out of fabric!   

I like to wear it tied at the side but you can also have it tied at the back but it does make me feel like I have a tail. To make sure the ties lie flat I added a button hole above the side seam on the waistband to thread the tie through.

Overall I think it looks pretty cool. and its really comfy to wear.

I think it evokes quite a curvy silhouette, which I like very much! And after I finished photographing this lil man decided it was his turn..... apparently this is what mummy does! 

Hand on hip standard pose.

Back view, I'm starting to think he's more photogenic than me!

I have never done this pose!

Much Love




  1. This looks great! Such a clever pattern hack! I've hacked the GBSB pencil skirt before but not thought of doing it like this! X

    1. thanks for reading, Ive been looking at wrap skirts loads recently! Im hoping to try and do an aline one next! x

  2. Love this skirt. The curved front panel is great

    1. thanks for reading Im really glad i added the curved front panel! It definitely makes it seem more polished!!! x


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