Saturday, 12 March 2016

New! Easter Bunny Tutorial!

My latest tutorial is now up on the craft cotton company website! and this one is all about Easter!

These are from the official bunny photo shoot that I did, and yes I had to go to the shop for eggs!

You can find the tutorial here :

And now its gone up I can show you some of the other bunnies I've made! 

This was the first bunny prototype i made to see if the idea would work.

then i made this one experimenting with the idea of adding arms , I think it looks cute with and without though!

Then 1 made one in more boyish colours!

And my final versions! Mr and Mrs bunny! All ready for Easter! And they made lovely gifts for those who don't eat or like chocolate! [or who are too young to have it!]

Hope you like them and if you make your own please send me a picture via email, or twitter or tag me in one on instagram!

Much Love



P.s The Pattern can be found on my patterns and tutorials page! 


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