Wednesday, 10 February 2016

One day I'll be a grownup and all my stationary will match.

I love stationary , in fact the stationary aisle of home and bargains is a bit dangerous for me. It's all just so cheap and shiny! 

I've got loads of notebooks, I've got an ideas book, a sketchbook, a blog notes book, a wedding book, a shopping book! Lots of books and recently I got a lil tin pencil case which I love for keeping my posh pen and felt tips in. 

However my sketching pencils do not fit. 

And I like my sketching pencils, I like them all in one place ready to go. So I perished the stationary aisle trying to justify the purchase when I thought , why don't I just make one? 

So I did! 

This is a scrap of the pansy print I used for my dress. And the zip is from an old pair of jeans which is why it's at the top, this far I have no use for zips that small. 

It's a pretty bodge job but it works so I'm happy, and it only took five minutes to sew. 

And everything fits hurrah! 

And I've got a good amount of sketching done too. I promised myself I'd try and sketch more this year to keep my eye in so to speak, and boy am I rusty ! 

Sorry about the lighting on these and the flare, I was in the kitchen - 1950s lady

lil man

Rikkis nan and grandad - I gave up on this because I wasn't happy With it

Tony soprano

Salvador Dali

Marilyn Monroe

I think if I work hard I might get better but so far I'm just not happy with any of them 

Much love




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