Saturday, 20 February 2016

Summery dress!

This dress is in no way ground breaking, In fact I;d say it borders on dull but I like it and its practical for the summer.

I used the cami top from the third GBSB as my starting point, but I rounded the neckline, omitted the frill and created a dress shape by flaring and lengthening the side seams. [I drafted it all on a large sheet of paper first, and I left in the bust darts]

It fits pretty nicely, like a floatly summer dress should, nice and cool but with some coverage. The fabric was sent to me by my pen friend and although its not my style I love it in this dress. Rikki however is not convinced , he likes the style of the dress but says the fabric reminds him of the overalls children's ward nurses wear. I thought nurses were every man's fantasy so it should still be a winner right? 

I used about a metre of fabric for the dress and a scrap of poly silk for the facings. I'm wondering if I should have lined the whole dress though as its a bit see through. Its only a fraction but I think some perverts people would notice. Here I'm wearing it with a white vest top and skirt slip, which make me think I need to invest/make a white full slip. Preferably in cotton so the dress stays nice and cool.  The seams or French seamed and the hem is finished with a small hem, and the facing is top stitched down. 

All in all I like it, its part of my efforts to make a capsule holiday wardrobe, I have some fabric for a coordinating kimono that should hopefully keep my shoulders covered if we end up somewhere hot. Its floaty and girly but also really easy to wear and style just throw on a belt and your good to go.  

And it works with my denim jacket as well so I can see it being used for the nursery run here as well. Provided I sort out the slip situation. I might just get some cheap white cotton and attach it to the bottom of the facing as a quick fix. My hair is crazy in these pictures, we decided to have family haircut day with the lads going to the barbers whilst I went the hairdressers! But none of the hairdressers in town were taking walk ins and most were closed, so now I have to wait . [insert sad face] 

Here it is without the belt, Kind of looks like a nightie right?

Its a good length too! Can't be standing these summer dresses that expose half your backside!

Evenm if mine is "peachy" somebody else's words not mine! 

So yay! I think I have my sewjo back! WOOP WOOP!

And I have another metre of this fabric to play with!

maybe a blouse?

or a wrap skirt of sorts?

Much Love




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